Our School Dog Breden

Meet Breden!

Breden is our very friendly and loving school therapy dog. He is a black Labrador who attends our school every day. Breden always enjoys being part of our school day and he provides excellent nurture, reassurance and companionship for our children. The research in to ‘therapy dogs’ has shown that there is a distinctive benefit for both children and staff, if it is structured in the right way.

Breden particularly enjoys listening to a story at story time, playing alongside his friends at playtime and visiting our ‘Forest School’ weekly.


Every night and at the weekends, Breden sleeps at his home with Mrs Lane and her family. Breden is extremely well behaved! He is fully insured, inoculated and wormed and he is treated for fleas on a regular basis.

We are aware of Health and Safety planning and have developed a robust risk assessment and consistent and clear routines to keep all children and staff safe and to ensure that Breden is happy and secure.

Our School Guinea Pigs

Meet Squeaky, Gertie, Salty and Pepper.


Our 4 girls live at school and enjoy eating grass in their huge run on our school field. We have regular guinea pig monitors who check on our guinea pigs every day and ensure that they are safe, well feed/watered and happy (as well as Mrs Lane (Breden’s Mummy) who also care for our girls).


Our Guinea pigs are very cuddly and friendly. They love being picked up by our KS2 Guinea pig monitors who also help our younger children to sit down and enjoy stoking and feeding them.


Our Rabbit

Meet Midnight our School Rabbit. He spends most of his time on our school field and has been known to be a bit of an escape artist so if you see him out and about, he is on another one of his day trips!